Making It Happen
Making It Happen #9 Tom Dalton

Making It Happen #9 Tom Dalton

October 29, 2019

You Asked… So, you Got It.

Guest Tom Dalton

This time I’m on the other side of the Mic 

This episode hears my story of Making it Happen.

Delighted to have guest host Michael Daly interview me.  


Making It Happen #8 Michael Daly

Making It Happen #8 Michael Daly

October 24, 2019

Michael Daly

Author, Speaker and Mentor

Michael's work is all about enabling individuals, groups, and organizations to get clear about what they need to do, so as to bring meaning and purpose, to all they do, so as to achieve true success faster and easier than you would ever think possible.

His former training to be a monk in Ireland for nearly a decade;

Michael's over 20 plus years of working both here in Ireland and Internationally enabling individuals, groups, and organizations to bring clarity, meaning, and purpose to all they do and;

His qualifications attained to date in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, Social Care, Public Administration, and having an MA in Health Care Management.

Making It Happen #7 Jamie White

Making It Happen #7 Jamie White

August 14, 2019

Jamie White

Is an award winning entrepreneur, winning Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur in Dublin in both 2014 and 2015.

He is an acclaimed public speaker, speaking in Ireland, the UK and internationally on start -up business, social media & entrepreneurship.

He has worked with some of the biggest names in business & entertainment, such as Gary Vaynerchuk & Jordan Belfort and worked with seven of the world’s top ten DJ’s.

He also created, established and sold &, two fast growing youth websites that collectively reached over 100 million millennials weekly.

Making It Happen #6 David Gillick

Making It Happen #6 David Gillick

August 2, 2019

David Gillick

A former professional track and field athlete, his achievements include.

2 times 400m European Champion & World 400m Finalist.

He represented Ireland in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

National outdoor and indoor 400m record holder.

Author & Winner of celebrity master chef. 

Listen to his inspiring story of becoming an elite Olympic athlete, his highs & lows of the sport and what it was like to retire deal with starting a new career. Very honest & real.

Making It Happen #5 Maire Treasa Ni Cheallaigh

Making It Happen #5 Maire Treasa Ni Cheallaigh

July 17, 2019

Máire Treasa Ní Cheallaigh is an award-winning broadcast journalist, specialising in sport, in both Irish and English languages, working with RTE, TG4, Eir Sport & Newstalk 

We discuss what it has been like working in an industry dominated by men, how she deals with online abuse, and why she decided to go back to school to study medicine.

Skilled in radio and television broadcasting, print journalism and documentary making.

Máire holds an MSc in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology from the University of Limerick and a Sport Ireland Institute accredited Sport and Exercise Psychologist.

Listen to passionate love for the Irish language & inspiring story

Making It Happen #4 Eric Fitzpatrick

Making It Happen #4 Eric Fitzpatrick

June 30, 2019

Eric Fitzpatrick is an International Speaker, Sales Presentation Expert, Coach and Author.

He has spoken, coached and trained in the USA, the UK and throughout Ireland and for the last few years has been recognised as one of the leading speakers in Europe.

Eric has coached some of the world’s leading corporate brands.  

Listen to his story of leaving his lucrative job, to follow his passion for speaking & coaching.

Listen to his tips on how to improve your Communication & Presentation skill.

Making It Happen #3 Dave POW Tabain

Making It Happen #3 Dave POW Tabain

June 9, 2019

Dave POW Tabain

Speaker. Author. 3x World Champion  

A guy who chose the path less taken.

He started from the bottom in a small-town Australia, from a shed, his story will inspire and make you appreciate what you've got!

He has doubled, tripled, even quadrupled businesses. 

Although, that isn't just what he is known for. 

You'll hear why it's just a side effect of being associated with him and understand the value of his story is when you listen to him.

Making It Happen #2 Milena Byrne

Making It Happen #2 Milena Byrne

May 24, 2019

Milena Byrne

Founder at Platinum Pilates

From small beginnings with just one studio, four employees and 400 clients accounting for 400 visits per week, the business has enjoyed impressive growth.

Today, Platinum Pilates has seven studios, 30 employees and over 16,000 clients accounting for 2,000 visits per week.

Get an insight into Milena inspiring story of leaving a gym chain to risk it all, and grow an amazing brand & team.

Making It Happen #1 Oliver Cruise

Making It Happen #1 Oliver Cruise

April 27, 2019

Oliver Cruise 

Co-Founder at Pineapple - Owner/Operator at Network Cafe

“Hiring is boring, impersonal and slow. We’re trying to fix that” the app that’s swapping CVs for stories.

Get an insight into his journey of leaving the corporate finance world to opening a successful café in Dublin City Centre & launching Pineapple